Casino Affiliate Program Opportunities!

Do you find Yukon Gold Casino to be a perfect gambling house to play for money? Yes! This Microgaming brand does know what the gambler’s desire is and satisfies it! It’s hard to resist when the operator offers the unique Welcome Bonus to play 550+ captivating games. Yet, that’s not all.

Crave for more? Becoming a part of the gambling field, you can earn more! On this page, we’re going to highlight all the perspectives that you get when collaborating with Rewards Affiliates. Let’s elaborate on the advantages and profits offered.

All Affiliate Benefits at Your Disposal

First of all, Yukon Gold is proud to be a member of the Affiliate Program. The group co-works with 30 Microgaming brands and is famous for providing a heap of advantages. Each participant can receive multiple payouts, exclusive promotions, different commission models, monthly revenue, and on and on.

All the benefits start with the account registration. You should read and understand all the terms and conditions applied before becoming a member because you agree with them as soon as you join the program. Now if you’re ready to become not only a lucky customer of Yukon Gold but a happy affiliate of the group and enter the industry, then keep reading for details!

Choose Your Perfect Commission Model

Signing the deal, you’re free to choose one of the existing payment models that suits you. Currently, there are 3 models to select from. Which one is the most profitable? Let’s just elaborate on each plan to see the earning potential and simplify your choice. At last, it’s up to you to decide!

  • Tiered RevShare Model grants you 35% of the net loss.
  • Join Model or also known as Cost Per Join (CPA) promises you $50 for each successful join. Saying ‘successful‘, we mean that a player not only register at the casino but deposit a sum of 100+ credits during the certain period of time.
  • True 35% Wager Model means that you’ll receive 35% of the customers’ wagered amount. You’ll get a true 35% because admin or royalties aren’t taken out from your commission.

Get High Monthly Payments with No Negative Balance!

Whatever commission approach you choose, you will get the payments every month. The highlight of the program is that no negative balance is promised. Yes! Thus, due to the agreement, any negative balances from gambler winnings at YukonGold or any other casino site of the group will be reset to 0 (zero) to begin each month. Besides, the members will receive their earnings in the first part of the month (on or before 7th day).

Exclusive Promo Deals

Not only earnings but exclusive promotions make the affiliate programme so attractive. Your users can benefit from interesting and unique bonuses or grab whole promo sets once a while. The affiliates get access to the most lucrative deals like no deposit offers, match bonuses, Free Spins, tickets to closed events and/or tournaments, and so on. These promos are bound to help you to retain your audience and increase your revenue as a result.

The Best Ever Support: 24/7, Multilingual, Professional

We take good care of our clients. The program provides the members with the professional and multilingual Support Service that is available 24/7. Herewith, you can get all the needed help, specify the information, get required details reading the terms, payments, or other at any time in any language.

Earn with Rewards Affiliates and Yukon Gold!

There is a heap of earning opportunities for those who are ready to take a new stance on gambling through the partnership with Rewards Affiliates.

The program is transparent and fair, any visitor who is interested in the collaboration can check the revenue reports published on the official site of Rewards Affiliates. All the tools, information, support, and deals are granted. Now if you want to cooperate with the group, visit the site to join the partner program!