Privacy Policy of Yukon Gold Casino

We urge you and all the future customers to read and understand the article before the registration. This page contains user rights, obligations, all the rules, statements along with information about how the Yukon Gold processes the private data, what kind of information is gathered, how it is used, stored, disclosed, shared, etc.

Yukon Gold casino honors, respects, and protects the clients’ privacy and makes adjustments to keep the users’ sensitive/banking/private data safe. It’s critical to learn the Privacy Policy so that you know the way the operator treats all the data collected. 

Note, saying personal/private information/data in the Privacy Policy, all the info relating to an identified or identifiable person is meant.

1. Personal Details Collected

Here are the user’s private details that may be gathered and kept for processing, including without limitations to:

  • Data and details that identifies a person, such as first/last name, address, d.o.b., gender, etc.;
  • Email;
  • Phone and/or mobile number.

2. Processing of Private Details

There are several reasons for Yukon Gold Casino to gather personal data in regards to a registrant and/or account holder, and:
2.1. Process it in conformity with the rights of the Profile Owner concerned;
2.2. Obtain the info just for specific and lawful inclinations;
2.3. Securely hold the data;
2.4. Use the info for marketing aims with the ability to opt-out at any moment.

3. Disclosure of User’s Information

3.1. The online operator can disclose the player information as may be requested by any regulatory body like the governing organization/authority in respect of an owner of the account.
3.2. Any Governing Authority can order the details about the casino customers. Also, there can be legal provision mentioned in the Governing Law for claiming the private data of Yukon Gold clients. Those are the reasons for the online operator to disclose some personal information. Be aware that you agree that the operator in entitled to disclose and/or transfer your private details to the trusted third-parties such as AVS service providers, for example. That’s made for control purposes and/or fraud detection. 
3.3. In case the operator has reasonable grounds to suspect the unlawful activity or any other irregularities that involve the player’s profile, the casino possesses also the right to disclose the private info with the relevant organizations.

4. Marketing Materials and CRM

You should mind that Yukon Gold is also authorized to use personal information of the clients and process it for CRM purposes. In case you don’t want to receive promotional materials, you can contact the Support Center of Yukon Gold casino to unsubscribe from newsletters.

5. Correction of Amiss Profile Information

In the event of incorrect information is entered or any changes are applied, the account owner carries the right to access the private data for erasing and/or correcting inappropriate and/or wrong details.

6. Cookies / ActiveX

Clients and visitors of the website of Yukon Gold casino may take into consideration the fact that we use Active X components, that allow to collect information, and cookies, including without limitation to the next purposes:
6.1. To recognize your preferred language and save it, so when you visit the site for the next time, the language is selected automatically;
6.2. For gathering and analyzing some website metrics as traffic for us to be able to improve the service to meet users’ demands;
6.3. The games operation, for instance, the flash casino.

7. Guarantees

7.1. Yukon Gold Casino assures that it will not give away and/or sell the customer’s personal/corporate data to any other companies/organizations/persons. Any user has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter and any other mailing list. Just contact The Help Centre of the casino.
7.2. The online operator won’t use the clients’ private information to provide them with materials and/or details only if they requested it.