Play Responsibly at Yukon Gold Casino

For Yukon Gold Casino, online gaming is the entertainment experience you should enjoy. It’s not a way to earn money, but a form of leisure. To stay on the right side, we encourage users to play responsibly. Here we specify all the principles, options and measures taken for controlling and restricting any underage, illegal and problem gaming activity.

Promoting ideas of responsible gambling, this Microgaming casino brand prohibits all the unlawful actions. Even more, the operator provides all the necessary measures along with options for the clients protection. And if you seek for any help, we offer links to aid organizations that offer free advice and support.

Underage Gambling Restriction

It’s a well-known fact that underage gambling is against the law. And Yukon Gold Casino doesn’t accept players who haven’t reached the lawful age. Thus, only users who are 18+ years old and, for some locations, it’s 21+ years old, are permitted to create a profile and make real money bets at the online casino.

Please be reminded that we can conduct age verification at any stage to make sure that an account holder is of the full legal age. Therefore, you should be ready to provide your identification documents. Keep in mind that if underage gaming is proved, we reserve the right to:

  • close of the account,
  • forfeit of all the earnings,
  • void of gameplay,
  • notify the relevant authorities.

Filtering Programs

We urge our customers with children/child to implement some filtering programs (software) for parental control. It’ll help eliminate the risk of minors accessing inappropriate online websites. So, we recommend the following apps and services that are found to be effective:

Problem Gambling Prevention

The very first thing to mind when choosing online gambling is that it’s a form of entertainment BUT under no circumstances a way of running from the anxiety, problems, doldrums, making living, paying off debts, etc.

Yukon Gold advises to control and track your gaming activity to predict and prevent any addictive behavior. We prepare a to-do-list for you to check out and avoid such problems in the future:

  • Before you start your journey, count how much you can afford to spend and set the limits accordingly.
  • Estimate time frames of gaming sessions for keeping a balance in your life and finding time for other hobbies, activities with friends, and family.
  • Track and monitor the periodicity and length of the gameplay sessions.
  • DON’T chase the losses. NEVER.
  • Having a winning day and/or session, think of the reasonable time to stop.
  • Always remember that all the amusements at the casino are games of chance, so don’t pin your faith on formulas/systems/strategies. There is no such thing as a 100% winning approach that guarantee your success.
  • Don’t gamble feeling depressed and/or upset.
  • It’s a bad idea to drink alcohol, take drugs, etc. within a gambling session.

Pass the quick test on BeGambleAware to make sure your gambling is not on the way to become a problem.

In case you need a consultation with the professionals or just help, info about the gambling addiction, Yukon Gold recommends referring to Gamblers Anonymous or NCPG.

Session Reminder

Yukon Gold provides the clients with the feature as a Session Reminder. You can set the limit up to 3 hours and receive the notifications to track the session duration. Visit the account settings to enable/disable the option.

Deposit Limits

Besides that, you can control the budget for gambling activity by activating the Deposit Limits feature. You’re free to set monthly/weekly/daily limits. Contact our customer support for more details on the issue.

Attention! When you change the limits or try to cancel them at all, the request will be processed for about 24 hours.


You’re free to deactivate the profile from 24 hours up to 12 weeks for taking a break and cooling off. Refer to the support service to get such time-out. When the period is over, no actions are needed to activate the profile, it’ll be done automatically.

Anyway, if you want to reserve the time-out, the profile will be inactive for 24 hours. You can receive more info and specify the details at the Support Center. There is another measure to take. In case 12 weeks is too short for you, you can freeze the account from 6 months up to 5 years without any ability to register another profile at Yukon Gold or any other partner casino.

Note that such self-exclusion will be effective only if you self-exclude from all casino sites you play. Contact Yukon Gold’s Help Center for more details.

Dispute Resolution

We work for you and improve the service to deliver nothing but a first-class treatment, enjoyable experience, smooth gambling. Yet, some difficulties, claims, disputes can take place anyway. However, you can always get help, receive the best solution by referring to the Support Service that works 24/7.

We involve independent arbiters like and/or the European Commission’s ODR Platform, in case we can’t resolve disputes by ourselves. In such cases, their decision is considered as final.