Full Terms & Conditions of Yukon Gold Casino

This page contains all the statements, agreement, rules of use, terms of the site along with information about its solutions, measures, and service delivered. Observe the Materials before using the website, its software, and/or registering with the casino operator. When you start using any product and/or the Yukon Gold site, you signify the agreement notwithstanding you read these conditions or not.

1. General

Below we described the general rules of site use. We strongly recommend you to read and understand the statements to avoid any troubles and unpleasant situations in the future. In case you have any questions or need to get some specifications then contact the Casino Help Center.

1.1. Website Terms of Use Agreement
1.1.1. The casino permits you to download one copy of the Materials for your personal use only. It’s forbidden to reproduce, display, perform, distribute it without the written permission of the operator.
1.1.2. It’s restricted to use the Materials in any unauthorized manner.
1.2. On this page, the full T&Cs are defined. These terms apply to all money activity along with wagers accepted by the online casino operator (here and further the ‘site/website’) along with any other projects powered by Yukon Gold.
1.3. You’re responsible for reading and understanding the terms. Also, it’s your onus to be aware of the changes.
1.4. All the statements, rules, and conditions are considered to be fair and correct.
1.5. In case you register an account at the casino, the user is deemed to have understood, agreed, and accepted all the terms, rules, conditions presented on the site by the operator. It’s highly recommended to save and/or record all the transactions, rules of play, pay-out, and cancellation policies.
1.6. Mind that it’s unlawful and illegal to purchase credits from ill-gotten means. To prevent any instances of Money-Laundering, we check all the transactions. In case the operator detects any suspicious and/or criminal activity, the casino operator will freeze the account and report about it to the relevant bodies/authorities.
1.7. The online casino operator has every right to refuse access to the service of anybody and/or withhold any withdrawals in case the fraudulent activity is suspected.
1.8. Players are prohibited to transfer credits between the accounts/e-wallets. In case the casino detects the transactions from the commonplace for multiple accounts/e-wallets, it’ll be considered as the fraudulent activity, the investigation will be started, all the winnings will be voided.
1.9. It’s legal for Yukon Gold casino to rewrite, correct, revise, delete, and change any part of these Materials at any time. We are not obligated to inform or notice about it. It’s a user’s onus to visit the page periodically to check the changes.

2. T&Cs Language

2.1. The English version of the Materials is taken as the basis for all the other Terms in other languages. That’s why these T&Cs retain priority in the event of ambiguity between this version and a translation.
2.2. The outlined below terminology and definitions maintain a standard, unless otherwise stated:

  • Casino/Online Casino/Gambling House/Operator refers to Yukon Gold and all the entities of the website.
  • Player refers to the individual whose name and personal data is used for the registration of the casino profile.
  • REAL Player is a customer who has opened a REAL money account.

3. About Yukon Gold

The online gambling house operates under the license given by the KGC (the Kahnawake Gaming Commission). The Gaming Commission is a Canadian regulatory body that has a right to test, verify, and license the casino operators. It is considered to be one а the most trusted authorities in the world.

4. Participation at Yukon Gold Casino

4.1. You MUST be a legal age of 18 (for some jurisdictions/countries/states the legal age starts at 21 years old). Younger persons are not accepted by Yukon Gold.
4.2. Mind that the casino can conduct the verification of the identity of the clients at any time. That’s why you’re to be ready to provide valid documentation or perform checks when it’s requested.
4.3. Only a customer has liability for his/her gaming activity at the casino, including the legality/lawfulness of online/offline gambling in the country/location/jurisdiction. Mind that even if the casino service is available, it doesn’t mean that is lawful. It’s an account owner who is responsible for being aware of the laws, statements, and regulations with online gaming.
4.4. Only the account holder is liable for breaking any laws by the customer caused by his/her gaming activity at Yukon Gold.
4.5. Any kind of money (bonuses, winnings, deposits, etc.) can be confiscated by the operator in case the underage gaming activity was detected.